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Friday, October 30, 2009

32 Names of Maa Durga and their meanings:

The recitation of these thirty two names of Maa Durga relieves from difficulties and make free from doubt.

1. Durga—The reliever of difficulties.
2. Durgatirsamini- who puts difficulties at peace.
3. Durgapadvinivarin- dispeller of difficult adversities.
4. Durgamacchedini- who cuts down difficulty.
5. Durgasadhini- the performer of discipline to expel difficulties.
6. Durganashini- the destroyer of difficulties.
7. Durgatoddharin- who holds the whip of difficulties.
8. Durgenihantri- who sends difficulties to ruin.
9. Durgamapaha- who measures difficulties.
10. Durgamajanada- who makes difficulties unconscious.
11. Durgadaityalokadava naia- who destroys the world of difficult thoughts.
12. Durgama- the mother of difficulties.
13. Durgamaloka- the perception of difficulties.
14. Durgamatmasvarupin- the intrinsic nature of the soul of difficulties.
15. Durgamargaprada- who searches through the difficulties.
16. Durgamavidya- the knowledge of difficulties.
17. Durgamasarita- the extrication from difficulties.
18. Durgamajanasamsthan a- the continued existence of difficulties.
19. Durgamadyanabhasini - whose meditation remains brilliant when in difficulties.
20. Durgamoha- who deludes difficulties.
21. Durgamaga- who resolves difficulties.
22. Durgamarthasvarupin - who is the intrinsic nature of the object of difficulties.
23. Durgamasurasanhantr i- the annihilator of the egotism of difficulties.
24. Durgamayudhadharin- bearer of the weapon against difficulties.
25. Durgamangi- the refinery of difficulties.
26. Durgamata- who is beyond difficulties.
27. Durgamaya- this present difficulty.
28. Durgamesvari- the empress of difficulties.
29. Durgabhima-who is terrible to difficulties.
30. Durgabhama- the lady to difficulties.
31. Durgabha- the illuminator of difficulties.
32. Durgadarin- who cuts off difficulties.

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